Day #3 of D-Blog Week: Oops!

Today’s topic is all about the bloopers we all tend to make every once in a while.

Diabetes bloopers – Wednesday 5/11:Whether you or your loved one are newly diagnosed or have been dealing with diabetes for a while, you probably realize that things can (and will) go wrong.  But sometimes the things that go wrong aren’t stressful – instead sometimes they are downright funny!  Go ahead and share your Diabetes Blooper – your “I can’t believe I did that” moment – your big “D-oh” – and let’s all have a good laugh together!!

I don’t know how “funny” my story is but it was a BIG OOPS!  At least it turned out ok in the end. 

When Andy was on insulin and the pump, it would take us at least an hour to get out the door it seems.  My husband and I missed the days of just jumping in the car and taking a long drive to anywhere and nowhere in particular.  Pre-kids, we would drive all over.  One time we drove all the way from Vancouver, WA to the Idaho border, stopping along the way at a winery and at one point stopping on the road for me to take some awesome pics of an old truck.  Now, anyone who has babies knows you have to pack the diapers, wipes, bottles and/or sippy cups, formula, etc, etc before you go anywhere farther than the grocery store.  With a diabetic baby, add to that, needles, insulin, extra pump supplies, test strips, juice, etc just in case.  There is no freedom anymore.  There are no spontaneous trips to anywhere.

Needless to say, once Andy transitioned off of insulin and started taking pills, we eventually got a little of that “freedom” back.  We started with Sunday drives and eventually began taking longer and longer trips (Andy has always been a good traveler!).  But one time, about a year after he started glyburide, we decided to take a spontaneous trip from our home in Greensboro, North Carolina to Savannah, Georgia.  Dan was working there on a contract job and we wanted to check out the town as a possible permanent move.  I thought I packed everything necessary for the trip in his diaper bag.  But halfway through South Carolina, we stopped for something to eat and I discovered I had forgotten his bottle of pills!  There was absolutely no way we could turn back to get them as we had already driven 4 hours.  We knew we could probably make it at least a day without the pills because it is one of those drugs that “builds up” in your system so he wouldn’t go extremely high very fast.  But we knew we couldn’t make it the whole weekend with him being ok.

Luckily, I remembered that since his prescription was at Wal-Mart, we could just call to find the closest one in Savannah to get them to fill it.  I called from my cell phone and got the number and directions to the one closest to the Interstate.  By the time we made it to Savannah, the prescription was ready.  Crisis averted.  You better believe I double check on longer trips now!

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Christy Vacchio is a former teacher and now Science Instructional Coach in Cincinnati. She is an avid reader and researcher. While she has her bachelor's and master's degrees in education, she plans to get her PhD in Neuroscience in the future. She hopes to participate in research on Neonatal Diabetes and Developmental Delays one day.

4 thoughts on “Day #3 of D-Blog Week: Oops!

  1. I can’t believe I’m going to say this but thank goodness for Wal-Mart 🙂 Oh boy why do I feel so bad saying that!!

    Me and my husband loved going on drives too. With 6 kids not so fun any longer 🙁

  2. Wal-mart saved me on a trip too! I was out of town when I suddenly realized I hadn’t changed the batteries in my pump before I left, even though it had been beeping at me for a day already. This was back when I was using a Minimed 50-something and it had those small, weird batteries instead of AAAs. Luckily, the nearby Wal-mart carried them! Never have I been so happy in the Wal-mart checkout line!

  3. I know what you mean. I was just thinking when I wrote this post that we don’t use Wal-Mart for our Rx any more and maybe I should switch just because of this. It’s a little trickier for Katie’s though since she has hers specially made. At least since Andy has it too, I can always crush up his pills to give her small doses. Oh, what a mess diabetes can be sometimes, huh?

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